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Have you suffered a severely delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight during the last three years? You might be entitled to as much as €600 in compensation!

How does it work?

Find your flight          We do all the work        Receive your compensation

How does it work?

Find your flight

We do all the work

Receive your compensation

Our concept is based on a no win no fee-model which means that you only pay 25% of your compensation if or when you receive it.


How far back can i claim?

Compensation in each country ?

Austria : 3 years

Belgium : 1 year

Croatia : 2 years

Cyprus : 6 years

Czech Republic : 10 years, but only 3 years to bring the case to a National Enforcement Body (NEB)

Denmark : 3 years

Estonia : 3 years

Finland : 3 years

France : 5 years

Germany : 3 years

Greece : 5 years

Hungary : 5 years

Iceland : 2 years

Ireland : 6 years

Italy : 2 years

Latvia : 3 years

Lituania : 10 years

Luxemburg : 10 years

The Netherlands : 2 years

Malta : 2 years

Norway : 3 years

Poland : no time-limit

Portugal : 3 years

Romania : 6 months to complain to the NEB, 3 years for a court action

Scotland : 5 years

Slovakia : 2 years

Slovenia : 2 years

Spain : 5 years

Switzerland : 2 years for a complaint to the NEB

Sweden : 10 years

United Kingdom (except Scotland) : 6 years

About Us

FlightComplaints is a Norwegian company with offices in Norway and Spain. We specialise in claiming compensation on behalf of travellers who have suffered cancellations, delays or overbooked aircraft.

To file a complaint with an airline can be both time-consuming and complex. Thanks to our expertise in the field, you will not have to be subjected to this inconvenience. We can check if you have a claim, find out how much you are entitled to, and and file the complaint on your behalf. The only thing you have to do is to send us your case and wait for an answer.

Our service doesn't cost anything unless you get a pay-out from the airline. Our share is then 25% of your compensation, and this includes VAT.

Send us your complaint today! Let your worries fly away and let us do the work for you!