Agent agreement

Now that you’ve already found us and let us help you with one or more cases - why not help us help others as well? We would of course appreciate this and reward you for your effort. All our clients may choose to be an agent for FlightComplaints.

We are specialised in claiming compensation on behalf of travellers who have suffered a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. Register as our agent and make money when other travellers use our services. You will have your own login and your own reference link for all our sites (English, Spanish, Norwegian and so on). Every time a traveller use our services through your link and win, you will have your share of our fee.

You can market your links any way you want, be it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, mail. Be creative and make your own success with this new income stream. Lets succeed together.

Here is our commission model

Number of cases Commission
0 - 24 5,00 %
25 - 99 10,00 %
100 - 499 15,00 %
500 - 999 20,00 %
1000 + 25,00 %

This is how it works

Anyone can register ar an agent for FlightComplaints, both individuals, companies, teams and organisations. Next time anyone uses your link to register a case with us, you will be earn commission when they win. You can log in to your agent page any time, to check how many cases you have generated, as well as how much commission you have earned.